How To Maintain Your Kansas City Storage Facility

It is not that difficult to setup a self storage facility and then have enough people streaming in through good publicity. In fact, setting up a Kansas City storage facility and preparing a marketing strategy to draw customers to it is one thing while maintaining the standards that the owner may have set is entirely another. While setting up and marketing are done only once, maintaining a Kansas City self storage facility day in and day out is a regular chore. It requires constant vigilance by the owner to see which part of his or her self storage facility requires attention.

It is obvious why a self storage facility owner located in Kansas City needs to maintain his or her facility properly. The aim is to keep customers happy and make their experience so good that they go out and talk about it amongst their friends and family. The million dollar question, here, is how can one maintain the standards that one has created with the facility? The following are some answers.

1. Empathy:

The Kansas City storage facility owner should try to empathize with his or her customers in order to have a better understanding of what they might or might not need. This will allow him or her to instantly pinpoint the areas that will suffer more wear and tear and which may be overlooked by a casual survey. Thinking like a customer will also give the entrepreneur an insight into their requirements with respect to services.

2. Staff:

Having a skillful and diligent staff can, by itself, take away half the tension of any entrepreneur, whether it is in the Kansas City storage industry or some other industry. Furthermore, most self storage facilities employ one manager who stays on site and deals with a more hands-on approach then supervision. He or she is the bridge between the entrepreneur and the rest of the staff. The entrepreneur can advise him or her on maintenance and he or she will implement the suggestions. Furthermore, the on-site manager will also maintain any rules and basics that the entrepreneur sets such as minimum number of occupied units, minimum discounts given, minimum income etc. Also, the on-site manager is the entrepreneur’s front man, which is why the entrepreneur should ensure that he or she is presentable and has all the requisite qualities.

3. Documenting:

Keeping all correspondences and bills documented is something that is essential for any business. This is primarily done for keeping records and proof in case of some sort of future dispute. Furthermore, information from the customers should also be documented.

4. Diagnostics:

On a monthly basis or at least in every two months, the Kansas City storage facility owner should get diagnostics run by professionals to pick out faults and potential faults in any system and subsequently fix them. Diagnostics should be run on all electrical systems, electronic systems and security systems along with the quality of self storage units. This would be a lot like getting a car serviced every month and should include cleaning and fixing both. After the first few times, this would become a routine exercise and the entrepreneur would not even need to be around for it as the on-site manager will handle it by himself or herself.

The owner of the Kansas City storage facilities needs to maintain his or her facility properly to keep the customers happy.